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Privacy Policy

A long time ago in a county that does not exist anymore (the U.S.A.) an individuals right to privacy was respected. It was respected by other individuals and by the government. People used to speak of a Constitutional right to privacy. But no more.

I must be a throwback to a previous age because I believe in a persons right to privacy. I believe that anyone in the world has the right to view this web site without a government, corporation, or neighbor knowing about it. However there is very little I can do to ensure that.

One thing that I can do is to never use any tracking software that will leave a trace on your computer. If you ever find that this site is requesting to load a cookie on your computer then this site has been hijacked and you should leave immediately.

Because I am using a commercial hosting company I cannot stop them from keeping track of your IP address (essentially a means of tracing your view of this site back to you). I can highly recommend the use of Internet anonymizers such as a tor network.

I also highly recommend the "Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents" published by Reportees Without borders. www.rsf.org This document can be downloaded as an Adobe pdf file.