A Brief (and unofficial) History of Banking and Other World Events

The history of banking is closely related to the history of money. This history of banks and bankers can be a lot of fun, unless you end up on the debt or dead side of the equation.

Everyone Lies

The one thing that you should know when doing research on banking, money and government involvement in the economy is that just as in politics and love everybody lies. The older the information is that you try to research the harder it is to ferret out the lies. All you can do is try to get information from all sides and then decide for yourself. The truth sometimes is found in between the lies sometimes on one side or the other. Now of course the quality of some information is better than others. However it should be noted that government officials are practiced liars, a Ph.D. will make a terribly convincing case even when they are wrong and the corporations of today have embraced spin with as much zeal as they did the new age management tools of the last decade.

Banking on the world stage

The history of banking also looks different when divorced from the events occurring at that time. That is why in so many cases that is how it is taught. If it doesn't put you to sleep then it also doesn't look all that bad when you don't know about the recessions, wars, coups and other goings on that very same year. So in this history of banking you will find the facts about banking and finance and nothing but the facts but also just a click away you can find some more history about what was happening in other parts of society that very same year.

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